Fast moving consumer goods (e.g. food, beverages, daily chemicals, cosmetics, etc.), durable consumer goods (e.g. clothing, textile, leather, etc.), luxury, foreign retail & department store, new retail, etc.


The industry has been constantly upgrading and changed by new technologies and applications. New consumption trends and industry status are reshaping talent perspectives. Our talent system has been upgraded accordingly, which allows our team to understand and mobilize candidates to meet characterized needs of enterprises and to make holistic strategies, in order to help enterprises face up with competitive talent challenges.


  • Sales & channel development
  • Business analysis & strategy planning
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing, branding & digitalization
  • PR, media & communication
  • Commercial & media services
  • CRM & account management
  • Product, acquisition & supply chain
  • Product management & visual merchandising
  • Business consultancy & support


  • Senior management 32%
  • Directors & managers 60%
  • Supervisors 5%
  • Others 3%