Internet, corporate digitalization and informatization, and related applications in various industries such as retailing, healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, gaming, media, education, etc.


Technologies shape the modern world and our TMT team helps tech businesses shape themselves, with the right talent. Our team is inclusive – we possess powerful and interconnected talent resources that know not only tech but also industrial contexts where tech is to be applied. Our strengths are shown in areas including big data, Internet of Things, e-commerce, cloud computing, information security and risk management, artificial intelligence, digitalization, Internet product management and operation, etc. We can help enterprises of all sizes acquire talent and build multi-dimensional competitiveness, whether they are global Internet giants or startups.


Informatization & Digitalization

  • Digitalization management & technology
  • Corporate informatization (ERP, CRM, BI, Cloud, etc.)
  • Internet of Things
  • Information security, IT risk management & compliance
  • Corporate IT services
  • Consulting implementation & management

Tech development

  • CTO
  • Mobile (Android/iOS)
  • Image recognition, voice recognition & NLP
  • AI scientist
  • Front-end & back-end engineering
  • Big data & business intelligence
  • Software & hardware development

Non-tech areas

  • Product & operation management
  • Domestic & cross-border e-commerce management
  • Digital marketing
  • Project & product management
  • Business expansion & cooperation
  • Client management & exploration
  • Sales & commercialization


  • Senior management 10%
  • Directors & managers 30%
  • Tech experts & engineers 45%
  • Others 15%