Our Strengths

Vertically specialized

We go deep into every major industry, by garnering information and insights of enterprises and candidates in every well-defined segment.

Abundant talent

Our talent database consists of over a million of well-categorized candidates. Every one of the competent professionals has been interviewed and selected carefully by our consultants.

International network

9 offices in China and 45 shared information and collaboration platforms instantly satisfy cross-region recruitment needs of different-sized employers.

Speed & Volume

We generally recommend qualified candidates for employers over 1 to 3 workdays, and successfully finish 1 placement every hour.

Professional consultants

Over 200 consultants facilitate every stage of the recruiting journey with their diversified cultural backgrounds, rich recruiting experiences and solid knowledge bases, to accurately represent the image of every employer.

Career consultancy

We offer forward-looking career development advice for candidates, benefiting both enterprises and individuals in the constantly changing China market.

Our clients

Our clients

Multinationals, mid-and-large private enterprises, listed companies, startups & conglomerates.

Accumulated clients 6000+
Accumulated placements 20000+

Connect to the talent you need, for the success you want

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