Traditional sub-sectors including oil and natural gas exploration and exploitation, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, etc.; and new energies such as lithium battery, photovoltaic, wind power, geotherm, etc.


Our team of chemical engineering, material and energy owns a strong network of client resources (e.g. top energy and chemical giants, specialized chemical enterprises and rising new energy enterprises, etc.) and formulates an effective recruiting strategy thanks to our international background. We introduce experienced multi-lingual talent with various backgrounds to enterprises and their daily operation, in order to help enterprises seize opportunities and achieve innovative transformation in the age of globalization.


  • Investment & acquisition
  • Production & Operation
  • Project development & management
  • Engineering designing
  • Application development
  • Technic Service
  • Marketing
  • Sales


  • Senior management 35%
  • Directors & managers 50%
  • Others 15%