Location: Beijing
Salary: 210000-280000CNY
Industry: Life Science
Function: Operations

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Job Description

1、 职责目的Position Objectives:
Establishing and implementing manufacturing process, including improving. Driving the Lean conversion in the first line and Coordinating manufacturing improvement projects.

2、主要职责Key Responsibilities:
 负责产品加工工艺的制定和改进;
Responsible for establishing and improving the manufacturing process,
 工具工装和非标设备的设计和制造;改进工装和试验设备;
Design fixtures, tools and non-standard equipment. Improve tooling and test rig.
 负责设置SAP产品工艺路线,对BOM、工序和工时进行审核;
Set SAP technical routing, audit BOM, procedure, and work time.
 与质量、技术等部门合作,分析解决现场生产技术问题;
Coordinate with other departments to solve production technical problems in site.
 根据生产现场状况,提出改进设计、生产设备、生产环境等方面的建议;
Advise improvement plan of design, equipments and environment per manufacturing condition.
 与设计人员协作,参与新产品的设计开发;
Cooperate with design engineer to develop new products.
 培训操作工;
Training the operators.
 遵守所有EHS政策和程序,及时上报安全隐患及安全事故,保持一个安全健康的工作环境。
Following and abiding by all EHS policies and procedures,Report potential hazards and safety accident, Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.
 完成上级主管安排的其他工作。
Finish other assignments .

3、工作标准/绩效目标Performance Standard/Goals:
 按计划及时完成产品制造工艺的准备工作;
Finish manufacturing documents in time.
 保证工艺文件质量,无重大责任事故;
Ensure the technical document’s quality.
 及时完成年度CI持续改进项目;
Finish every year’s CI project in time.
 及时准确地完成SAP产品工艺的设置工作;
Take the SAP technical routing for product in time.
 及时完成上级交办的其它工作。
Carry out other assignments in time.

4、任职资格Position Qualification Requirement:
 专业背景和资历素质Education & Professional Background
- Bachelor degree or above in hydraulic or mechanical.

 相关工作经验Relevant Experience
- At least 5 years working experience in machining process, familiar with CNC equipment, machining tools, able to write machining program
- Knowledge of Lean conversion is preferred.

 语言技能Language Skills
- Excellent written and verbal English communication skills.

 其它要求Other Requirements

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