Location: Shanghai
Salary: salary negotiable
Industry: Life Science
Function: Engineering

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Job Description

• Provide service support, including repair and preventive maintenance, for equipment and document all service activities. Service will be executed at customer sites and at a location.
• 提供设备服务支持,包括维修和预防性维护,并文件记录所有服务活动。服务将在客户现场或公司场所进行。
• Perform installation and training on equipment, software, and other accessories; report back on issues, orders and parts needed
• 进行仪器、软件和其它配件的安装和培训,汇报问题、订购和零件需求。
• Perform Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) on products at customer sites
• 在客户现场针对公司产品进行现场验收测试(SAT)。
• Schedule and perform preventative maintenance on equipment as required;
• 根据需要,安排并执行预防性设备维护。
• Problem-solving tasks may include resolving mechanical/software issues; resolving operating system bugs; and reinstalling software or hardware
• 问题解决任务可能包括解决机械/软件问题;解决操作系统问题以及重新安装软件和硬件
• Enhance the customer’s positive experience by recognizing their needs and providing solutions that meet and often surpass those needs
• 了解客户需求,并提供可满足、甚至超过其需求的解决方案,提高客户的积极体验。
• Communicate effectively both internally and externally, to document actions and item performed, schedule future preventive maintenance needs, and other engineering functions. Communicate routinely with Field Service Manager based in the US and other FSEs globally.
• 有效地进行内部和外部沟通,记录进行的活动和项目,计划未来需要的预防性维护,以及其它工程职能。与美国现场服务经理及全球其它地区现场服务工程师定期沟通。
• Provide phone support to customers and service group personnel related to equipment hardware and software performance and service part ordering.
• 针对仪器硬件和软件性能以及服务零件订购事项,为客户和服务团队人员提供电话支持。
• Document and distribute technical information regarding resolutions to field problems, hardware and software changes, and product quality improvements
• 撰写并分发针对现场问题、硬件和软件更改以及产品质量改进解决方案的技术信息
• Review service manual documentation to ensure accuracy and current revision levels
• 查阅服务手册文件,确保准确性和当前版本水平。
• Determine appropriate preventive maintenance procedures, service parts kits, and schedules to ensure effective on-going equipment maintenance
• 确定合适的预防性维护程序、服务零件包以及日程,确保有效的持续仪器维护。

· 至少5年实验室或生物工艺科学仪器维修、维护和安装经验。
· 要求电子和机械方面能力
· 具备专业和技术知识
· 要求较高的英语书面和口头沟通能力
· 可起草和执行SOP及工作说明
· 职位要求50%的差旅及偶尔的国际差旅


Job reference: 16589

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