Location: Shanghai
Salary: 420000-490000CNY
Industry: Others
Function: Marketing

Company Overview

World famous fashion brand

Job Description

World famous fashion brand
Paid Advertising (30%)
KPI: ROI, YOY, Cost/Sales
1/According to e-commerce monthly promotion calendar and monthly sales target, plan and adjust the annual paid advertising budget ;ensure the annual spending meets the requirements of cost/sales ratio and YOY.
2/ Formulate monthly detailed paid advertising plan based on monthly e-commerce sales plan and promotion calendar, including channel allocation, daily sales and promotion ratio, category and targeted audience allocation.
3/Develop paid advertising strategy, including channel mix and targeted audience; select promoted products based on category sales strategy and inventory.
4/ Arrange TP to implement the paid advertising plan, regularly check the background settings of Alimama to check if any problems; guide TP to continuously optimize the ROI through analysis of investing results , A/B test, etc.
5/ Maintain communication with Alimama Xiaoer; before the S-level promotion (618 & D11), purchase advertising resources (mainly Brandshow) timely, follow up on contract signing, payment, targeted audience selection; after confirming the schedule with Tmall, arrange TP for background setting to ensure the ads go online on time. After the launch, follow up the ads , optimize the creativity in time to improve the click rate. After the campaign, use data bank and marketing strategy center to analyze the data and complete the campaign report together with TP.
6/Data management: Supervise TP to complete daily, weekly, monthly and activity data and archiving, and ensure the data are correct.
7/ Learn and understand the latest advertising tools and functions of the platform, study whether they are applicable to oysho, and guide TP to test and summarize the result.

Social Network Marketing (20%)
KPI: New Fans Number, Engagement Rate
1/Manage the content of all social channels of oysho; according to the new product launch on Tmall, EC Campaign calendar, global product promotion calendar, PR activity calendar, and KOL cooperation activity calendar, make the content calendar of WeChat, WeChat video , Redbook and Weibo.
2/Assets management: Ask HQ Image department for the latest images and video materials in time, and distribute the content to various channels according to the social media content calendar.
3/Collaborate with agencies to create content, and ensure the quality of content and brand tone meet the requirements.
4/ Communicate with PR and external partner(gyms or yoga studio)to confirm the social content for collaboration.
4/Arrange agency to set up fans engagement on social media during EC and PR marketing activities.
5/ Monitor fans comments and find out problems in time; if fans have feedback on Tmall flagship store purchase problems, communicate with customer service team to solve the customer complains; arrange agency to reply customer queries.
6/ Arrange agency to keep up with the settings of WeChat menu bar, auto-reply, Weibo background image, Redbook background image, etc.
7/Arrange agency to produce monthly/annual reports.
8/ Study and then try the popular content creative of mainstream social platforms.
9/ Synchronize the contents published on brand official social account to offline store time, so that offline store can distribute the contents to customer on Wechat.
10/ Monitor competitors’ marketing campaign on social media; Make the marketing report of competitors’ senior Tmall marketing activities, such as Super Brand Day.
11/ Arrange suppliers to complete the annual audit of the qualification of each channel .

KOL Marketing ( 20%)
KPI: Cost per Read, Cost per New Fans
1/ Arrange agencies to complete monthly free product seeding and paid product seeding; among the KOL list provided by the agency, select KOLs that meet the brand's tone and requirements, and ensure that the quotation for the service is reasonable; control the quality of KOL content, monitor the data result, and ask the agency to optimize if there is any problem.
2/KOL content cooperation: give clear brief to agency, and co-create campaign ideas with agency;make campaign proposal with agency and confirm with PR and HQ communication; follow up with agency to implement the campaign, control the quality of every output; complete the campaign report with the agency.
3/Arrange the warehouse to send the seeding products.
4/Arrange agency to make KOL Look album and post it in WeChat.
5/Develop KOL pool, find and collect potential KOL from various fields.

Member and user insight (10%)
KPI: New Member Number, Active Rate
1/Manage Tmall membership program, continuously recruit new members and activate old members. Arrange TP to develop monthly membership activities, including membership week, points redemption, etc.
2/Data management: Supervise TP to complete monthly membership report.
3/Customer and market insights: Use Tmall Data Bank, Strategy Center and Marketing Strategy Center platforms to analyze market trends, customer behavior, and brand customers images, etc. Discover insights and share with e-commerce team for reference.
4/ WeChat customer group activation: during senior level campaign, allocate additional benefit to group members to improve re-purchase rate.
Tmall Content (10%)
1/Arrange physical store staff to record short videos of promoted products, and arrange TP to post and monitor the data for 15-30-60 days; send prizes to store staff.
2/ Review TP's copywrites in Weitao, Guangguang, and Brandhub, and arrange TP to provide weekly data report; Optimize the contents based on the analysis of the data.
3/ Communicate with physical stores to develop live -streaming calendar based on the monthly sales plan of e-commerce. Arrange TP to do the preparation work of Live-steaming.
4/ Optimize key items’ product detail page; communicate with HQ to shoot the required photos and video, and arrange TP to design the page.
Tmall marketing activities (5%)
1/ According to the requirements of Tmall campaign resources, integrate corresponding investment to meet the requirements, including paid advertising, short video, live-streaming, membership, PR and offline physical store resources.
2/ GWP management: give GWP suggestions to e-commerce team according to Tmall promotion. After the promotion, arrange warehouse to send gifts to customers.
3/ Participate in PK of Tmall marketing resources, such as category days, membership days, etc., prepare the mkt part of the proposal.
Finance and Legal Affairs (5%)
1/Update monthly expense sheet.
2/Complete payment to agency.
- ITX GLOBAL: monthly social retainer fee / KOL collaboration fee (from HQ Communication budget)
- ITX ECOMMERCE : KOL collaboration fee(from EC budget)
3/ Submit SMS invoices to finance every month.
4/ Withdraw live-steaming’s commission fees from Alimama regularly.
5/Monthly recharge each channels of Alimama.
6/ Complete the supplier contract with financial and legal dept.

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