Location: Hangzhou
Salary: salary negotiable
Industry: Others
Function: Sales

Company Overview

Client:Our client is global leading instrument company

Job Description

Client:Our client is global leading instrument company

Location: 杭州

- Report to Region Sales Manager. Within company policy, planning, carrying and accomplishing sales target in assigned region; programming the market, keeping reasonable customer structure and gaining high market share; searching new gaining point to raising business
1.Gaining business: Getting customer, quoting, negotiating, providing solution and following to accomplishing sales target and project assigned;
- 业务获得:开发客户,负责报价、谈判及提供解决方案并进行后续跟进以完成公司下达的销售指标及其它项目工作;
2.Customer relationship management: Coordinating pre and after service, keeping effective communication with the customer, visiting custome, training customer, to ensure customer’s royalty and satisfaction;
- 客户关系管理:协调售前及售后服务,与客户保持及时有效的沟通,定期拜访客户,培训客户,以确保客户的忠诚度及满意度;
3.Developing business: Develop new customer, promoting products, to ensure business growth;
- 业务开发:积极开发新客户,推广公司的产品以确保业务的增长;
4.Operating order: Coordinate with other department to fulfill contract, delivering goods duly and correctly, to ensure customer’s satisfaction;
- 订单执行:与其它部门协调合作,落实与客户签订的协议及合同,出货的及时及准确率以确保客户的满意度;
5.Collecting marketing information: Collecting market and competitions information, passing the information back to the company with suggestion if need, to ensure the effectiveness of company strategy.

1.College degree or above, Majoring in mechanics, electronics, technology, electrical engineering, automation technology or relevant subject
2. Above 3 years sales experience in measuring instruments vocation (preferential for pressure or temperature measuring instruments)
3. Good English and computer application skills;
- 良好的英语和计算机能力;
4. Good enterprise, loyalty and team spirit;
- 良好的敬业精神,高度忠诚度以及合作精神;
5. Good communication and expression skills;
- 良好沟通和表达能力;
6. Customer Focus and good Situational Sensitivity
- 以客户为导向,具有敏锐的市场分析和应变能力。
7. Working as home base

Job reference: 9756

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