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Location: Germany
Salary: 600000-900000CNY
Industry: Others

Company Overview


Job Description

1. [Regulations] Based on local German laws and regulations, establish and continuously improve various human resources and administrative systems and process specifications, control labor relationship risks, reasonably control employer costs, improve employees' work enthusiasm, and support healthy business development;
2. [Personnel recruitment] Based on the company's medium and long-term personnel planning, establish and broaden recruitment channels, reasonably allocate the proportion of regular workers and outsourced workers, the proportion of single type of work, and the proportion of multi-skilled types of work, implement the recruitment plan, and recruit timely recruits that meet the requirements and legally compliant employees;
3. [Personnel Management] Timely and accurate maintenance of employee file information, such as entry, resignation, regularization, job adjustment, salary adjustment, attendance, etc., drives human-related data to be recorded in a timely and accurate manner to ensure that actual labor costs and system record costs consistency;
4. [Salary Management] Responsible for the design of the America salary plan to ensure that the salary is competitive in the market, and the salary is paid in a timely, accurate, legal and compliant manner;
5. [Performance management] Establish a performance management system, implement performance management norms, and empower business departments with the ability to set performance goals, coach, evaluate, and improve;
6. [Administrative Management] Responsible for managing daily administrative affairs, improving the performance rate of office requirements; managing fixed assets, the flow of goods, capital, and information is completely consistent.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, Chinese and English can be used as working languages;
2. More than 5 years HR related work experience;
3. Familiar with the basic theoretical system, common tools and models of human resources;
4. Familiar with local employment laws, regulations and policies;
5. Proficient in using Microsoft office software, good document writing ability;
6. Familiar with the use of mainstream recruitment channels in the market.