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Location: Dalian
Salary: salary negotiable
Industry: Others
Function: IT/Digital/R&D

Job Description

• Technical Center Management 技术中心管理
• Manage 5 engineers and design-tech, and provide them with methodological and technical support to
structure and document their activity, in interface with the other departments. 管理 5 名工程师以及技术开发设计工作,为他们提供方法和技术支持来组织和记录他们的活动,并与其他
• Increase productivity of manufacturing and control methods, through proper targets and investments and
until deployment and proper application by production workers. 通过适当的目标和投资,直到生产工人的部署和正确应用,提高生产和控制方法的生产率。
• Structure company’s industrialization process – new production processes & new products development
• Manage costing, manufacturing ranges, notices, etc. and analyse projects profitability
• Organize and manage technical databases with the team 与团队一起组织和管理技术数据库
• Create new product dev. strategy and also improvements for existing products, in interaction with
Marketing/Trade and MIF Technical center and Group Sales/Marketing
与市场/贸易、MIF 技术中心和集团销售/市场合作,制定新产品开发策略,并对现有产品进行改进
• Drive products development plan on time, compliantly with budgets and intellectual property matters. 及时推动产品开发计划,遵守预算和知识产权事宜。
• Create annual, or whenever needed, strategic plan with budgets, projects, and profitability vision, in
cooperation and compliance with MIF Sales/Marketing/Technical Center HQ
与 MIF 销售/市场/技术中心总部合作,制定年度或任何需要的战略计划,包括预算、项目和盈利愿景
Technical documentation system 技术文档系统
• Establish reasonable workflow and ensures that the technical system and documents are up to date and
validate new documentations;
• Manage that all kinds of drawings, specifications and other technical documents provide clear and
comprehensive manufacturing and inspection basis for production;
• Create and feed a knowledge base of the experience gathered by the technical center. 在技术中心创建基于经验累计的知识库
• Design / Development 设计/研发
• Reviews and validates proposed design/improvement;
• Handles multiple concurrent projects, delivering to time and budget commitments;
• Ensures that good technical engineering concepts are used in the development of products;
• Updates and monitors progress of projects handled in the technical center. 更新、监督技术中心所有项目的进展。
Application Engineering 产品应用
• Lead to technical support on sales, such as bid technical support, technical specifications confirmation, making technical clarification and technical exchange etc.;
负责销售方面的技术支持,如投标技术支持,技术规格确认,技术澄清,技术交流等; • Manage the cost optimization solutions from technical side. 从技术方面降低成本的解决方案