2024 Mainland China
Salary Guide

We're excited to share the release of the newest version of our Mainland China salary guide - RGF Salary Watch 2024. Featuring over 300 positions across various industries and levels, it is your essential guide to staying ahead in the market.

2024 China Salary Guide

About the Mainland China Salary Watch Report

About the China Salary Watch Report

The RGF Mainland China Salary Watch report was conducted with the objective of gaining deeper insights into salary trends and data across various industries and job levels in Mainland China. This report relies on data sourced from RGF's talent pool, comprising nearly 50,000 candidates, collected between January 2023 and January 2024.

Key Salary Figures & Hot Jobs by Sector in Mainland China

Explore the average salaries earned by professionals across various industries and the corresponding increases employers are prepared to offer. The report also highlights "Hot jobs" with projected salary increases when changing positions, along with the essential skills employers are seeking.

Key Salary Figures & Hot Jobs by Sector in China

Projected Salary Increments for the hot jobs of 2024

Projected Salary Increments for the hot jobs of 2024

Discover our comprehensive Mainland China salary guide, providing detailed analysis of salary patterns and recruitment approaches within pivotal sectors such as TMT, Consumer Goods, Industrial Manufacturing, Electronics & Semiconductor, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Corporate Services. Access invaluable insights not only by industry but also by function and distinct roles, enabling you to make well-informed decisions amidst the current competitive job landscape.

Message from our Managing Director

While we firmly believed that everyone was eagerly looking forward to the development of business operations and the recovery of the global economy, in 2023, the recruitment strategies of most companies still focused on reducing costs and improving efficiency to better cope with business contraction. From the perspective of economic cycles, we still need to consider the changes and uncertainties brought about by the macro environment when formulating corporate strategies in the short term.

Nevertheless, throughout 2023, there were still some industries and fields where the demand for talent had not decreased. Looking forward to 2024, we expect that some emerging fields may see more significant salary growth. For example, in the TMT sector, salaries of AI and data science directors/engineers, and directors/general managers of domestic and cross-border e-commerce are expected to rise. With this report, we hope our candidates and employers could gain deeper insights into the larger salary trends within the market and be empowered on making decisions during the hiring process.

Rita Cui
Managing Director
RGF Talent Solutions China
Message from our Managing Director

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