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Location: Shanghai
Salary: salary negotiable
Function: IT/Digital/R&D

Job Description

1. 负责为客户上知名云计算厂商提供应用安装,集群搭建,容灾部署,性能调优,健康检查、监控运维,技术培训等服务;
2. 按照上线计划及变更申请,参与业务需求评估,协助技术负责人完成相关业务的技术分析及方案设计;
3. 负责云平台基础设施监控及运维工作,确保系统性能、质量和安全;
4. 负责基础设施事件、故障处理以及服务器实例的优化、后续系统维护;
5. 负责解决运维过程中遇到的关键技术问题;
6. 参与技术讨论与方案。
7. 具备AWS SAP或SAA认证, SAP认证更佳
8. 具有PETS-3或大学英语4级认证

1、 大专以上学历,有行业解决方案或架构设计从业经历,综合能力强,有互联网行业背景优先;
2、 熟悉公有云架构、服务模块的架构;丰富的云计算知识,对IaaS、PaaS、SaaS云有深入理解,有行业经验者尤佳;
3、 具备优秀的文档能力,使用文字、图示清楚地表达架构意图,能够熟练编写各类技术文档;
4、 熟悉至少一种虚拟化技术(Vmware/KVM/PowerVM等),具备日常运维能力;
5、 熟练使用至少一种脚本语言(Shell/Perl/Python/Ruby),能使用 Ansible 进行日常运维者优先。
6、 能熟练搭建和维护 ElasticSearch、MySQL、Redis 等开源软件,精通 K8S、Docker 者优先;
7、 熟悉至少一种网络基础知识(TCPIP/SNMP/HTTP/ICMP等)技能,具备日常运维能力;
8、 有良好的沟通能力和团队精神,做事认真踏实,态度端正,责任心强,执行力强,工作敬业,对互联网与云计算行业有清晰的认知和热情;

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for application provisionion, cluster, disaster recovery deployment, performance tuning, health check, monitoring operation and maintenance, technical training and other services for public cloud computing vendors on customers;
2. Base on the project transition & transformation plan, participate in the business needs assessment, and assist the technical person in charge to complete the technical analysis and scheme design of the relevant business;
3. Responsible for cloud platform infrastructure monitoring and operation and maintenance to ensure system performance, quality and security;
4. Responsible for infrastructure events, fault handling, optimization of server instances, and subsequent system maintenance;
5. Responsible for solving key technical problems encountered in the operation and maintenance process;
6. Participate in technical discussions and proposals.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, experience in industry solution or architecture design, strong comprehensive ability, Internet industry background is preferred;
2. Familiar with public cloud and service module architecture; rich knowledge of cloud computing, in-depth understanding of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS cloud, had working experience is preferred;
3. Have excellent documentation skills, use words and diagrams to clearly express architectural, and be proficient in writing various technical documents;
4. Familiar with at least one virtualization technology (Vmware/KVM/PowerVM, etc.), with daily operation and maintenance capabilities;
5. Proficiency in at least one scripting language (Shell/Perl/Python/Ruby), skill set with Ansible for daily operation and maintenance are preferred.
6. Be proficient in building and maintaining ElasticSearch, MySQL, Redis and other open source software, proficient in K8S, Docker is preferred;
7. Familiar with at least one basic network knowledge (TCPIP/SNMP/HTTP/ICMP, etc.) skills, with daily operation and maintenance capabilities;
8. ITIL certification is preferred, and English language needs to reach PETS-3 or CET-4 level or above