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Location: Shanghai
Salary: salary negotiable
Industry: Semiconductor
Function: Engineering

Company Overview


Job Description

Job Title: FPGA Prototype Engineer

Job Location: Shanghai or Shenzhen, China

Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop reference designs on FPGA-based prototyping systems
2. Perform customer service projects
3. New products survey and research
4. Develop Application Notes

Job Requirements:
1. At least two years of RTL design experiences. Familiarity with Verilog or VHDL and FPGA simulation tools
2. Background on FPGA Prototype partition, familiar with commercial FPGA partition tools as well as manually partitioning a complex multiple-FPGA design
3. Background on using Xilinx or Altera FPGA, ASIC to FPGA design memory modeling, tune FPGA timing constraint
4. Experience in SoC design is a plus
5. Experience in developing or using digital or analog commercial IP is a plus
6. Experience in C, C++, or SystemC is a plus
7. Experience in Perl or TCL is a plus
8. Good English language skills (reading/writing skills essential, oral skills highly desirable)
9. Some business travels (international or domestic)


1. 开发基于FPGA原型系统的参考设计
2. 执行客户服务项目
3. 新产品调研
4. 产品应用范例开发

1. 至少2年以上的RTL设计经验。熟练掌握Verilog,VHDL以及仿真工具的使用
2. 了解FPGA原型设计分割技术,熟悉商业FPGA分割工具的使用,同时也有手动分割复杂SOC设计到多颗FPGA的经验
3. 了解Altera或Xilinx FPGA的使用,具有将ASIC设计转到FPGA设计的Memory Modeling, 时序调整和优化的板级调试经验。
4. 有SoC设计经验者优先
5. 有数字或模拟IP的开发或使用经验者优先
6. 有C, C++或SystemC的使用经验者优先
7. 有Perl或TCL的使用经验者优先
8. 具有良好的英语水平(读,写熟练以及口语流利)
9. 能够进行商务旅行(国际或国内)