Location: Shanghai
Salary: salary negotiable
Industry: Others
Function: Finance & Accounting

Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the formulation of strategic goals and guidelines for the company's business development, and formulate financial plans based on business goals;

2. Formulate financial plans, investment plans, and capital plans to ensure the achievement of business strategic goals;

3. Fully take charge of the company's capital operation and provide financing support for the development of the company's business;

4. Prepare the company's annual operating budget plan and implement comprehensive budget management and control;

5. Carry out comprehensive analysis and submit financial reports to provide a basis for strategic decision-making;

6. Monitor and audit various business activities of the company to avoid financial and tax risks;

7. Presided over the formulation and improvement of the company’s financial management systems and supervised the implementation to improve operational efficiency; presided over the preparation, execution and review of the company’s various financial statements;

8. Responsible for pre-listing financial compliance, statement consolidation, etc., and responsible for the company's major activities and projects in the capital market, such as investment and financing, mergers, acquisitions, etc.;

9. Do a good job in the construction of the talent echelon of the Finance Department, and regularly or irregularly train to improve the comprehensive skills of employees to ensure the orderly development of work.

10. On behalf of the company, liaise with relevant external departments and institutions and maintain good cooperative relations.


1. Bachelor degree or above in financial management, accounting and related majors, with intermediate or above titles;

2. Systematic mastery of professional knowledge of financial management and enterprise management, and strong financial data analysis and management, decision-making ability and organizational ability;

3. Have working experience as a financial director of a listed company, and be proficient in finance and taxation knowledge. Familiar with listed company management and control process reengineering, listed financial report preparation and other businesses, fund balance, asset evaluation and other related work;

4. Good at formulating financial strategic plans based on the development of the enterprise, possessing strong financial forward-looking thinking ability and the ability to control the financial risks of the enterprise;

5. Have strong organization, coordination and management capabilities, and have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;

Job reference: 13129

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