Location: Beijing
Salary: 390000-585000CNY
Function: Marketing

Company Overview

My Client is one of Europe's leading textile service companies with over 170 years of experience in the textile industry.

Job Description

My Client is one of Europe's leading textile service companies with over 170 years of experience in the textile industry.

In charge of the operational management of the Business Unit

Job Description:
1. Policies, Systems and Controls - Monitor and control all operations.
2. Policies - Enforce all policies and procedures, seek required exceptions and contribute to the effectiveness of both the Corporate and Rental Division Operations Manuals through revisions to outdated policies and procedures.
3. Communication of Policies - Provide to all partners intense knowledge of company philosophies, policies and procedures, and business in general.
4. Profit and Sales Growth Management - Achieve sales and profit objectives.
5. Projections & Long Range Planning - Thoroughly prepare the necessary planning reports to effectively run the operation, including annual preparation of a five-year Long Range Plan and a one-year projection of sales, expenses and profit – along with strategies to achieve long range plans.
6. Cost Control – Achieves profit objectives by carefully reviewing daily, weekly and monthly reports and taking action when and where necessary
7. Benchmark - Constantly compare the operation to other operations that have the best operating results. Become knowledgeable about how the best operations achieve their results. Develop a game plan to achieve or exceed the target average in all categories as shown in the Quarterly Comparison Report.
8. Customer Satisfaction - Maintain a high level of customer service by providing consistent high quality products and services.
9. Customer Satisfaction Index
10. Personal Relationship - Develop a personal relationship with appropriate customers to solidify the business relationship.
11. Competitive Urgency - Handle all customer problems expediently and to the best interest of both the customer and Company.
12. Contracts - Attempt to renew all customer contracts in advance of the expiration date and, in addition, negotiate reasonable price increases.
13. Human Resources Management - Recruit, train and motivate capable partners.
14. Morale - Maintain an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation which will make for good morale throughout the operation. Develop a highly motivated and enthusiastic team of partners. Generate an attitude of "Competitive Urgency".
15. Staffing and Hiring – Attract and hire high caliber partners to fill all job openings.
16. Training - Implement good initial training techniques for new partners and utilize solid training techniques for existing partners.
17. Development – Assess, coach, and develop partners to become peak performers. Administer timely and accurate reviews.
18. Diversity Leadership - Create an environment that allows us to sustain a highly motivated and diverse workforce. Supervisors and managers in the organization are expected to integrate diversity initiatives into recruitment and promotion of partners.
19. Succession/Partner Planning - Identify future management needs and have a system in place to hire and develop future managers. Identify future workforce needs and have a system in place to fill those needs.
20. Facility Maintenance - Maintain bright, clean, efficient and safe facilities, trucks and equipment.
21. Environmental and Safety Management System
22. Quality Improvement - Continually improve the work methods in plant, sales, service and office. Oversee the Quality Improvement Process according to policy.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Bachelor degree or above major in Business Management, Commercial or Technical or related, MBA is preferred;
2. 10 +years Business Unit Management or related working experience;
3. Expert of Sales process management and Customer Service / Care activities (including receivables), operation management experience is preferred;
4. Convincible leadership and experience of working in matrix report organization
5. Logical, strong analytical skills;
6. Good problem solving skills
7. Good communication and interpersonal skills;
8. Fluent English of speaking, writing and reading;
9. Knowledge of lean manufacturing techniques is plus;

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