Salary: 600000-900000CNY
Industry: 旧版本-其他
Sub-industry: Internet
Function: java

Job Description

1. Lead the planning, design, and implementation of the Airwallex engineering system;
2. Work with the business / product team to deeply understand the business needs, scenarios, and subsequent development directions, complete system analysis, architecture design, and core function development, and be able to grasp the design of complex systems to ensure the quality of complex architecture;
3. Design and develop components based on the company's microservice framework;
4. Introduce innovative technologies and innovative solutions for the team;
5. Responsible for the construction and management of the technical team, and establish good internal coding standards.
1. More than seven years of Core Java development, experience in designing and developing Internet application / large financial system / e-commerce platform / risk control system;
2. Undergraduate and above in key colleges, computer science and related majors;
3. Familiar with common design patterns, with experience in design and development of large-scale distributed, high concurrency, high load, high availability systems;
4. Master various common server technologies, which can optimize service response and data query, ensure various service quality, and solve the problems of high concurrency and high availability;
5. Familiar with Spring / Spring Boot;
6. Familiar with HTTP, TCP / IP protocol and REST specifications;
7. Master Gradle / Maven and other building tools;
8. Familiar with the use of Docker cluster;
9. Familiar with JSON & XML.

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