Salary: 600000-900000CNY
Industry: 旧版本-其他
Sub-industry: Internet
Function: Internet

Job Description

1. Lead a team of engineers, set goals and development targets for the engineers within managed team and support the team with feedback and development plans as they progress;
2. Work closely with Product Managers to analysis the product requirements and then produce the technique solutions & execution plan to deliver the software products;
3. Hands-on design, implement and deliver software functions;
4. Analyze and validate the technique design for the software functions from the team;
5. Review code from team members and ensure the standards;

1. More than 8 years of back-end development experience and more than 3 years of back-end architecture experience;
2. Have experience in developing large-scale system control interface;
3. Fluent in English;
4. Bachelor degree in computer science and related majors;
5. Proficient in Java 8, familiar with Java multi-threading, high concurrency, IO / NIO, network communication, etc .;
6. Familiar with commonly used design patterns, with experience in design and development of large-scale distributed, high concurrency, high load, high availability systems;
7. Master various common server technologies, which can optimize service response and data query, ensure various service quality, and solve the problems of high concurrency and high availability.

Job reference: 8415

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