Salary: 780000-1170000CNY
Industry: 旧版本-其他
Sub-industry: Pharmaeutical/Medical
Function: Compliance Manager

Job Description

Company : listed company. its business is in the stage of rapid expansion, with good market reputation and foreign capital culture.

Job Responsibility:
1. Partnering with senior business leaders and the management team of the designated business functions to proactively identify, evaluate and manage risks associated with company’s business strategies and provide pragmatic options for risk mitigation and management in a way that enables sustainable business growth with desired ethics and compliance culture.
2. Serving as 1st point of contact with business team on management monitoring programs with regards to HCP engagement, engagement in clinical trial to enhance program effectiveness & efficiency, and providing ongoing consultation & oversight to business team;
3. Analyse specific external legal compliance requirements based on legislation, law enforcement dynamics and industry trends, and formulate compliance strategies based on the company’s business conditions, provide compliance tools and methods, etc.
4. Responsible for third party DD, develop, promote and supervise compliance with various ethical and compliance policies, including without limitation interactions with HCPs and medical promotion.
5. Take lead in establishment and improvement of the company’s compliance management systems and procedures, ensure full implementation of related systems and procedures;
6. Analyse typical internal and external compliance events/cases, promote management improvement, and provide compliance training and empowerment to enhance the compliance awareness and compliance capabilities of all employees;
7. Provide daily compliance review and compliance consulting to ensure the compliance of daily business development;
8. Conduct internal investigations and provide advice to management around how to close cases and take remediation steps;

1. Law Bachelor degree or above, English can be used as the working language;
2. Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in both Big four Consulting Firm and Compliance functions in the Healthcare industry (Preference of 3 years of business partnering role in MNC compliance function with a relatively senior position)
3. Have strong communication and coordination skills, able to communicate and promote work across departments;
4. Good at planning and summarizing, able to manage compliance risks through standardized operations;
5. Cheerful personality, strong adaptability, steadfast and meticulous work, research spirit, and able to work actively.

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