Location: Shanghai
Salary: 350000-490000CNY
Industry: Industrial
Function: Engineering

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Electrical Engineer
Duties & Responsibilities 岗位职责
1.This position performs investigation, testing, and design tasks related to current and all future lNIFCON products under the supervision of a manager and/or BU responsible electrical engineer 该职位在经理和/或 BU相关电气工程师的监督下,执行与当前和未来所有INIFCON产品相关的调研、测试和设计任务
2.Design electrical systems in cooperation with BU for localization projects 与U合作设计本地化项目的电气系统
3.Schematic development of products and SWR work品开发示意图和SWR工作
4.Evaluation,testing and as needed failure of electrical systems 电气系统的评估、测试和必要的故障调查
5.Maintain current electrical system/troubleshoot issues on production floor 维护当前的电气系统/分析解决生产车间的问题
6.Assist the BU research groups with design related tasks协助BU研究小组完成与设计相关的任务
7.Generation of reports, technical documentation, testing instructions and assisting generation of marketing material 完成报告、技术文档、测试说明并协助完成市场营销材料.
Requirements 任职资格
1.Advanced understanding of Circuit theory and its application 深入了解电路理论及其应用
2.Cadence, PCB layout, PSpice, or equivalent software mastery 精通 Cadence、PCB layout、 PSpice 或类似软件
3.Component selection evaluation 组件选择和评付
4. Stress analysis and other supporting design calculations 应力分析和其支持设计计算
5 Ability to compile results into reports for review and approval 能够将结果编写成报告供审查和批准
6. Understanding and experience with firmware and/or FPGA 对固件和/或FPGA的理解和经验
7. Understanding of regulatory compliance an testing 了解法规遵从性和测试
8.Ability to use /Familiarity with softwires such as LabView, MATLAB or equivalents 能够使用/熟悉 LabView、 MATLAB 或类似软件
9.Experience with MS Office is a must 必须有 MS Office 的经验
10.Good reading/writing English skill 良好的英语读写能力
11.Electrical engineering, electronics engineering, engineering technology degree or equivalent 电气工程、电子工程、工程技术学位或同等学历

1.Conceptual design and definition of specification for new or modified components to prepare decision analyzes and to create or update the system architecture, based on the geometry and system interfaces, as well as the components' functional specifications.
2.Detailed construction and design of the selected components until production, based on the system architecture and the specifications requirements, in order to finalize the documentation and ensure the safety and reliability of the design.
3.Creation of production documentation such as drawings, master data, EBOM as well as order texts and testing instructions for purchased parts for the manufacturing of prototypes, B-sites and series devices
4.Design freeze of the components for initial sampling, evaluation of the test results and release of the initial samples for use in series devices. Carry out initial sample testing together with technology, purchasing, production, external suppliers, as well as with BU counterparts.
5. Set up and carry out assembly tests samples of mechanical components, incl. measurements e.g. temperature, flow, leakage, ...) for prototypes, B-sites and series devices. Prepare engineering reports together with technology, production and related engineering teams for the Design Reviews and to assess Ease of Assembly
6. Support of serial production:
a. Monitor internal and external failure rates of components
b. Prepare components failure's statistics and execute problem analysis.
c. Participate in defining, monitoring and testing the effectiveness of internal and external corrective measures.
d. Support other departments such as production, technology purchasing or BU counterparts with technical question and creation of the according required documentation.
e. Support of Purchasing in the selection of new suppliers and, in general, evaluation of suppliers
f. Technical evaluation of suggestions for improvements together with Engineering Manager and BU counterparts
7.Develop technical solutions to issued change requests to improve quality or eliminate errors. Release ECN, document changes in drawings. EBOM, order texts... and support Technology department in the implementation. Monitor effectiveness of internal and external corrective measures in consultation with Technology, Production, Service, Purchasing and BU counterparts.
8.Creation and maintenance of standard and repeat parts in CAD-System (standard parts library), cleaning up versions in the project directories updating assemblies and models in the event of technical changes to standardize components and optimize development time and costs.
Requirements 任职资格
1. Mechanical, mechatronics, automation engineering technology degree or equivalent
2. Experience in design for plastics, small die-casts, sheet metals, including understanding of relevant fabrication processes.
3. Proficiency using 3D mechanical design software (preferably Siemens NX) and analysis tools
4. Experience in drafting 2D drawings with GD&T and tolerance analysis for stacking
5. Detailed theoretical design and failure mode analysis background (mechanics of materials, elastic failure, stress analysis)
6. Ability to understand an existing system, understand the function of the several components and find potentials for improvement.
7. Ability to compile results into reports for review and approval
8. Experience with ERP software, preferably SAP
9. Experience with MS Office
10.Good reading / writing English skills
11. Ability to work independently and perform research as job requires

Job reference: 21433

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