Location: Shanghai
Salary: 490000-560000CNY
Industry: Consumer goods
Function: Sales

Job Description

Team Management:
• Manage a team of CSA/Senior CSA & CSM.
• 管理CSA/高级CSA&CSM团队。
• Create a healthy, positive and effective team environment.
• 创造一个健康、积极、有效运作的团队环境。
• Provide clarity on team’s performance and how individual goals align with CXG’s strategy.
• 明确团队绩效以及个人目标与CXG战略的一致性。
• Develop the team by imparting knowledge, skills, and experience to others.
• 通过向他人传授知识、技能和经验来发展团队。
• Lead by example on CXG principles, integrity and professionalism and ensure own team is complying with the company’s policies, guidelines, and standards.
• 在CXG原则、诚信和专业精神方面以身作则,确保自己的团队遵守公司的政策、指导方针和标准。
• Assess and ensure that HR resources are calibrated to meet business needs.
• 评估并确保人力资源经过校准以满足业务需求。
• Implement the local strategy in alignment with the Group’s long-term ambition.
• 根据集团的长期目标实施本地战略。
• Ensure the success of onboarding new team members.
• 确保新团队成员入职成功。

Customer Success:
• Manage strategic and complex accounts.
• 管理战略性和复杂的客户。
• Partner with luxury and premium brands to help them transform and drive business impact through customer experience.
• 与奢侈和高端品牌合作,通过客户体验帮助他们转型并推动业务影响。
• Maintain and nurture the client portfolio by offering white glove service and added value.
• 通过提供高水平客户服务和附加值来维护和培育客户组成。
• Make insightful and engaging face-to-face presentations to C-level executives.
• 向C级管理人员进行富有洞察力、引人入胜的面对面演讲。
• Take responsibility for solving customer challenges.
• 负责解决客户的质疑。

• Partner internally with members of our international teams to develop new solutions, guidelines, methodologies.
• 在内部与我们的国际团队成员合作,开发新的解决方案、指导方针和方法。
• Work closely with stakeholders and internal departments.
• 与股东和内部部门密切合作。

Job reference: 21650

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