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Location: Shanghai
Salary: salary negotiable
Industry: Consumer goods
Function: Sales

Company Overview

World famous fashion group

Job Description

1. Ensures that the store maintains the company's image standards.
Plans how collections are to be changed (introduction of new or special collections). Does so with his/her collaborators, guiding and developing them during the process.
Oversees the distribution ofcollections in line with the DT and VMs in store, previously agreed with the store managers,to ensure greater sales impact.Brings new ideas when creating stories or atmospheres through decoration, designs and details, etcfollowing the brand concept.
Offers design options adapted to market requirements.
Together with DT, he/she guarantees the good condition and maintenance of the stores in terms of painting,fittings lighting and facades.
Guarantees the good condition of the decoration (mannequins, fittings, rugs and carpets, etc.),following Occupational Hazards Prevention standards.
Keeps in constant contact with the DT in order to guide the display of the productin the store and increase sales,maintaining the brand image at alltimes.
2.Analysis and commercialdecision-making
Analyses the main sales reports (rankings,ITX, Money Mapping,0 sales), ensuring correct productrotation, and discusses possible actions, such as withdrawing or promotinga certain product, with themanager, the VM in store and DT.
Uses intermal product knowledge (features, inspiration, store collections) and external product knowledge (fashion,trends, would-be competitors)to help make commercial decisions on what and howto displaythe product to improve the shopping experience and sales results.
3.Launch of new products
Guarantees that new products and restocks ar correctly displayed following commercial guidelinesin keeping with the brand image at all times.
4 Provides information to the storeteam
Keeps the team (VM in store and managers) up to date through workshops and other actions onproducts to be promoted,new products, bestsellers, how to work on styling and atmosphere, and brand image.
Develops the team in terms of the latest display updates in order to maintain image standards.
5.Optimises store management processes
Collaborates with the operations team to make sure that the product in the stockroom is maintained and labelled accordingto standards and efficiency criteria.Oversees and guarantees the continuous replenishmment of the store.Maintains product management processes,such as; blocking and unblocking,or storestoreroom movements.
6.Identifies and develops potentialmembers of staff
ldentifies and informs HR of potential VMs in store among the staff.
Trains, develops and monitors(onboarding, retraining, workshops... )the VM network in his/her areathrough visits,feedback, AC and appraisals in conjunction with DT and HR.
ldentifies team members as potential VMs in store, participating in their selection and promotioninconjunction with DTand HR(Ambassador).
Guarantees his/her succession plan in order to always have internal talent ready for promotion topositions in store and at HQ.
7.Uses omni-channelmanagement technology
APP Merchanand Teams.