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Location: Shanghai
Salary: 325000-455000CNY
Industry: Consumer goods
Function: IT/Digital/R&D

Company Overview


Job Description

Your key responsibilities will be:
• Plan and deploy eCRM programs for omnichannel, esp. in digitalized approach: along with CRM
Manager to identify key segments and develop targeted campaigns. Help CRM manager
implement local lifecycle personalized and automated journey in digital way to enhance
customer KPIS including recruitment, conversion, engagement, and retention.
• Drive and manage the digital CRM projects: Use data-driven insights to create personalized
engagement journey that maximize engagement and conversion rates, including but not limited
to digital CRM assets, implementation of CRM projects in WeChat environment, and social CRM
• Campaign Execution and Optimization: Plan, execute, and measure eCRM campaigns across
multiple channels. Continually monitor and optimize campaign performance to drive key metrics
such as conversion rate, and response rate. Utilize test results to improve the effectiveness of
future campaigns and increase customer engagement.
• Adapt communication assets: Collaborate with the content team to develop engaging and
relevant content for eCRM communications, ensuring it aligns with the brand voice and
resonates with different customer segments. Drive personalization efforts by leveraging
customer data and behavior.
• Data Management and Compliance: Comply with data protection laws and privacy regulations
in digital tools to safeguard customer information and maintain data security.
• Reporting and Analysis: Measure and report on the effectiveness of eCRM campaigns and
initiatives, providing actionable insights to stakeholders. Monitor key performance indicators
(KPIs) to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.