Healthcare Biotech


Through the creation of groundbreaking products and technologies to resolve society’s most pressing challenges, such as diseases, climate change and food security, biotechnology has become widely recognised as a game-changer in myriad aspects of improving our quality of life.

As the biopharmaceutical industry is set to grow bigger and faster, many countries around the world are jumping on the bandwagon to capitalise on the economic benefits it brings, as well as the vast potential to generate new entry-level and high-quality jobs in numerous fields including research, manufacturing and marketing.

And as the race among industry players for market dominance heats up, so will the competition for key talent too. Practice heads can better develop strategies to mitigate hiring challenges and compete for talent by getting a clearer perspective on the factors driving the growth of the biotech industry, and the characteristics and location of talent pools.

Download our RGF Healthcare & Life Sciences Outlook report for useful insights into the Biotechnology Industry and the answers to pertinent questions like:

  • What are key factors fuelling the rapid growth of the biotech industry?
  • Which region is fast emerging as a key biopharmaceutical hub?
  • Which country has been forecasted to be the world’s fastest growing market by 2021? Why?
  • What are large multinational pharmaceutical companies like Merck and Boehringer doing to tap the immense potential in emerging markets?
  • Which are the countries with the biggest biotech talent pools, and a large number of talent actively seeking job change?

Full report here.

Posted On 2020-03-27