Location 江苏
Salary 300,000 CNY

Company overview


Job description

– Lead the project inside TRELLEBORG group. Communicate frequently with other departments and TRELLEBORG Technical center use managing tools for project: CPL (collaborative projects List) data base, “to do “list, timing plan, standard DVP (Design Validation Plan), standard PVP (Process Validation Plan), MSA (Measurement System Analysis), etc…
– Generate an overall timing plan for each part, including all required activities (tooling, assembly process, supply parts, etc...) and ensures its regular follow up from start of competition till hand over to production
– Manage all planned activities by assuring the respect of technical performance, timing, costs, and quality level
– Follow TQS (TRELLOEBORG Quotation System) during the project life identify and put in place actions plan to restore expected margin
– Prepare and execute tollgates sign-off
- Participate in all technical meetings with customers
– Manage productivity actions like continuous improvement plan (CIP3)
– Comply with and participate to the entire request of the company for quality and environmental management


1. English speaking mandatory, fluent level requested
2. Mechanical major or automobile engineering will be more preferential
3. Experience in Ford/Nissan or local OEM clients.




Job application

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