5 Ways To Stay Motivated At Work

There is a lot that can be accomplished in life if we have the motivation to perform to the best of our abilities. Various internal and external factors influence our motivation levels. We are intrinsically motivated by our needs, goals and values, and the desire to experience specific emotions. Our environment and the social context will play significant roles in terms of extrinsic motivation.

In the context of work, the psychological factors influencing our levels of motivation and performance include the desire for job satisfaction, money, success and recognition.

In addition to these factors, Benjamin Cordier, Managing Director of RGF Professional Recruitment, Japan, said: “It is important to emphasise that the working environment has an impact on motivation and performance at work too. Companies can take proactive steps to create an environment that is positive, collaborative and empowering.”  

In this respect, he shares that among the steps RGF Professional Recruitment Japan has initiated is to get each team to host a party every Friday night at our office over drinks and a game of pool. “Such casual and regular get-togethers give everyone a chance to meet people from other teams and socialise with colleagues. Doing so helps in broadening communication, strengthening ties and fostering a sense of belonging, all of which are vital to attaining a people-centric culture,” he reasons.


RGF Professional Recruitment Japan office Five Really great ways to stay motivated at work

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan office

However, he cautions that this alone isn’t enough to drive higher levels of productivity: “The empowerment of leadership must always complement the cultivation of a people-centric environment. A focus on management training remains the top priority towards achieving a culture in which people are motivated and happy to contribute to the company’s growth.


Beyond such external factors, here are some steps we can proactively pursue to stay motivated and perform to the best of our abilities.



There are many factors that could cause us to become unmotivated at work. Common causes leading to a loss in motivation include depression, boredom and stress, which may stem from the nature of our daily tasks and work systems, to the characteristics of the people we work with and the corporate culture. 

Finding ways to regain and increase motivation is crucial because it’ll drive us to be creative, set goals, grow interests, make plans, develop talents, boost engagement with people, function productively and maintain our wellbeing in the face of a constantly changing stream of opportunities and threats.

All of us have suffered from a lack of motivation at some point in our life. If you are dealing with a lack of motivation, here’re ways of getting your mojo working again:



If you are caught in an unhappy or unfavourable situation that’s causing you to lose motivation, it is important to identify the cause first. Then take the appropriate action to change things for the better. If you can’t resolve issue yourself, seek your supervisor’s advice or help. But, before you do so, think about how you’re going to make a convincing case for it and if there are any viable solutions you could propose. 

For instance, if you’re bored out of your mind because your job entails repetitive or mindless tasks, consider talking to your supervisor if you are prepared to take on different or more challenging tasks. 

Or if you are suffering from burnout because you keep pulling long hours at work due to the consistently heavy workloads you’ve been given. Before you talk to your supervisor about it, examine your work practices and habits first. Are you working late all the time because of inefficient work practices or your lack of organisational skills?    



If you’ve no choice but to accept that performing mundane tasks is part and parcel of your job, you could fight boredom by injecting doses of joy into an otherwise dreary daily existence.

Make it a point to break away from the daily grind by doing things that spark your interest or excitement. Or better yet, flood your body with adrenalin and happiness hormones, whether by sweating it out at the gym, grooving at the club, going for a spa treat or making occasional escapes across the border.



If we stick to the same old routines day-in and day-out, it’s only a matter of time before work becomes a real drag.

So why not take a different track or set new life goals or work targets for yourself?

Sign up for courses or seminars to develop new skills, hone your skills, gain new perspectives, or simply indulge in activities that you enjoy. You could find pleasurable distractions from the monotony of work, a renewed sense of purpose, or even a better job by expanding your knowledge and network, mastering new skills and making new discoveries.



If you find that your creative juices have stopped flowing or zest for work starting to diminish, reignite that spark. You could initiate new ideas, new activities or systems to improve work processes or your working environment. For example, you could start a cookery club, organise a bowling tournament for your team or create a relaxing green space within the premises.

Immersing yourself in the conceptualisation of ideas and implementation of new initiatives are sure ways of booting up optimism, firing up passion and lifting morale.



Working life is tough and often beset with problems. Since we spend more time with our colleagues than our family and friends, it would be good to deepen your engagement and forge stronger relationships with your co-workers. They’ll provide a good support system in times of need, and give you reasons to look forward to going to work too!

And what’s the point of going to work and making money if you don’t get to enjoy it? So make sure your life doesn’t only revolve around work. Let your hair down regularly. Give yourself the occasional treat or reward: have a sumptuous dinner with your family, friends or colleagues, buy yourself something nice, celebrate special occasions, mini milestones or achievements or do whatever sparks joy. After all, you’ve earned it!

Posted On 2020-02-20